Do you have questions on how our Golf Membership Works?

Answers to common questions you may have regarding Monks Cowl Golf Club membership. If you still have any questions you can contact us directly & we will gladly answer them for you.

1. How it works?

  1. Monks Cowl Golf Club year end is 31st August annually.
  2. The current annual membership fee is R850 per member per annum.
  3. This is the cheapest annual golf membership in South Africa.
  4. If you join Monks Cowl Golf Club in any month other than August you will pay a pro-rata membership fee for the balance of the Monks Cowl Golf Club financial year.
  5. Your annual membership fee will then be due in August.

2. What does my golf membership include?

Being a member of this family orientated golf club gives you access to a beautiful club where you can learn the game at your leisure. You qualify for an official handicap and affiliated rates at clubs that offer this discount. You qualify to play in Club Champs held annually.

3. What are the Membership fees?

The fees are R850 for a calendar year. Monks Cowl Golf Club fees are all due in August. If you join Monks Cowl Golf Club in any month other than August you will pay a pro-rata membership fee for the balance of the Monks Cowl Golf Club financial year. There after you will be billed for a full 12 month membership each August going forward.

4. Handicapping

The current handicapping system is based on your last 20 scores. The calculation takes the best 8 of your last 20 scores. The Handicap index is then calculated (HI). This is used to work out your course index (CI) either by looking it up on the SAGA app or a handicap sheet displayed at the club you are playing at.

5. Handicaps Network Africa

Handicaps Network Africa is the appointed handicap provider for the official golf handicaps in South Africa. -

6. Who can join?

Anyone may join Monks Cowl Golf Club at any time of the year.

7. How does the Affiliation rate work?

As a member of Monks Cowl Golf Club you qualify for affiliated rates at all golf courses that offer affliated rates, because you are registered and affiliated to the South African Golf Association.

8. Are there any monthly fees?

No! There are no monthly fees! A once off fee is paid annually which currently is R850. 

9. How long does it take to receive my handicap?

For new members, who have not been handicapped before, Handicaps Network Africa requires your last 3 scores to generate your initial handicap. Once the scores are captured the HNA system calculates your handicap overnight. It is not immediate. Only the last 3 scores will be used to generate you initial handicap. Thereafter your handicap will adjust as you submit scores. No more than 3 scores may be entered initially.

10. Will I receive my official card?

We are no longer issuing cards!

Its the digital age and all you actually need is the HNA Handicaps app and your HNA Player ID. You can open your round on the HNA Handicaps app. At the end of the round you enter your score on the app. If you are on your handicaps HNA app and you turn your cell phone sideways your digital card will show on your phone.

HNA Handicaps & Tournament App on the App Store HNA Handicaps & Tournament App on the Google Play Store

10. Can I enter the Club Champs?

We run Club Championships once a year. The dates of these championships are communicated to the members via email and SMS so that you have time to book accommodation as the club championships is run over two days.

11. Do you ever run any specials?

From time to time we may run a new member special. Membership is discounted and does not run for a full year. Please check the special details for the duration of the membership special before purchasing.